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Student Ambassador Program

Building culture, preserving traditions

stuent ambassadors

About the Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program

The Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program plays a critical role in developing the next generation of engaged Wolfpack alumni.

Our Mission

The Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program instills leadership development while engaging the NC State community by fostering traditions. AASAP strives to provide opportunities for the active involvement of students and to promote a vibrant campus culture.

Our History

Founded in 2001, the program is funded by the NC State Alumni Association, the North Carolina State University License Plate Fund and private donations.

Today, the Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program is a diverse group of 26 NC State students with varying backgrounds, interests and areas of study, but who share the same enthusiasm for being part of the Wolfpack family. The program is affiliated with the Association of Student Advancement Programs, an international nonprofit organization of more than 300 student ambassadors, student alumni, student spirit and student foundation groups. The Alumni Association Student Ambassador Program serves as the official student ambassadors to the NC State Alumni Association and represents the Park Alumni Center at various functions throughout the year. Additionally, the program governs the Student Alumni Association, one of the largest student organizations on campus with more than 3,000 members.

Our Ambassadors

President and Vice President
The program is overseen by President Mary Kate Morgan and Vice President Julia Koehler. This duo is responsible for leading meetings, overseeing operations and representing the program on various boards and committees.

Email our President Mary Kate Morgan or our Vice President Julia Koehler.

Membership Committee
The membership committee oversees internal membership development by helping to support and aid group morale. We also plan socials and end-of-the-year dinners to celebrate and reward our accomplishments. The Membership committee also runs recruitment of new members into the Ambassador Program.

Email our Membership Director Morgan Fitzgerald.

Homecoming Committee
If you’ve seen or heard of any events going on during Red & White Week, it is because this committee planned and organized it! Each year, the Homecoming Committee plans all events surrounding Homecoming, including group spirit competitions, Wear Red, Get Fed, and all things Red & White Week!

Email our Homecoming Director Anna Scott Wingfield or our Homecoming Co-Director Lindsay Kelly.

Traditions Committee
The Traditions Committee is responsible for fostering school spirit within the student body and maintaining the traditions that make NC State so near to alumni’s hearts. From energetic pep rallies to the endearing NC State Ring, our school culture is what makes the university such a special place. This committee not only works to ensure this heritage is passed on to incoming freshmen, they also oversee developments for The Brick, Mathews Medal and the NC State Ring Program to continually improve upon how we present these experiences to students across campus.

Email our Traditions Director Kiana Bradford.

Questions? Contact Ashtyn Coates ’18, coordinator of student and young alumni programs, at 919.515.3376 or