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The Legacy Continues for #NCState24

Two families share their NC State stories, and how it feels for their Wolfpack legacies to continue this semester.

The Carlyle family sitting on the Court of North Carolina

The Carlyle Family

Nikki and Mike Carlyle began their NC State legacy when they meet on campus as students around three decades ago. This semester, their son is joining the Pack — and he credits his parents for his Think and Do spirit.

Watch the Carlyles talk about what it means to Think and Do.

Nikki Carlyle ’92, College of Humanities and Social Sciences

Mike Carlyle ’93, College of Engineering

Jack Carlyle ’24, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

The Williams Family

With a schedule full of animal science classes and a room in Lee Residence Hall, Ashley Williams is set out to make the most of the legacy her parents started when they were students.

The Williams family believes in taking advantage of every opportunity that college has to offer.

Kelly Williams ’93, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences

Dale Williams ’93, Agricultural Extension

Ashley Williams ’24, College of Agriculture and Life Sciences