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Hallowed Things, Cherished Memories

NC State isn’t just a place, it’s in the memories you took with you after graduation.

A class ring. A t-shirt from your first homecoming. A ballcap you bought from the outfitters. A pennant you picked up at the big game. What physical thing reminds you of your alma mater and what’s the story behind it? NC State isn’t just a place, it’s in the memories our alumni took with them after graduation.

In this series, we interview community members with NC State stories tied to a specific item and explore the memories and narratives behind them.

Sabrina Morin ’92

For NC State Cheerleading alumna Sabrina Morin, her ring from NC State’s 1990 National Cheer Association Collegiate National Championship win represents hard work and priceless experiences with her Pack.

Eric Evans II ’17

For many members of the Pack, football is the tie that binds, and NC State College of Natural Resources alum Eric Evans II — who now runs social media for NC State’s Office of Multicultural Affairs — is no different. To him, a free t-shirt from the annual Textile Bowl game brings back memories of tailgating with friends and cheering for a Wolfpack win.

Christina Koch ’01, ’02

Three-time NC State alumna and record-setting NASA astronaut Christina Koch came home during Red and White Week to share her advice for students, her thanks to her alma mater and a special Wolfpack memory.