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NC State Magazine

Inside the latest issue of the Alumni Association's award-winning publication.

NC State magazine winter 2021
The winter 2020 issue of NC State magazine landed in mailboxes during February.

Hitting a High Note

It’s happening. The bells for the Belltower have been installed, and the tower is ready for its close-up. We sent a photographer to the sky (using a drone camera, of course), and inside the tower to give you a closer look at what will soon be making music at NC State.

Red, White & Black

Places can tell stories. In the case of the Red, White & Black tour, a handful of spots on campus help tell the story of the Black experience at NC State, from hateful words written on the Free Expression Tunnel to a Brickyard gathering to mourn to loss of Martin Luther King Jr. to the first home of the African American Cultural Center.

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