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Professional Pack Partners Program

professional pack partners

Are you a professional with at least five years of experience? Are you an NC State graduate looking to give back and connect with other alumni? Then maybe the Professional Pack Partners Program is for you.

Purpose of the program
The Professional Pack Partners Program gives NC State alumni who are experienced professionals the opportunity to help fellow alumni grow their careers and support them in their efforts to achieve success. This is a flexible volunteer opportunity that works directly with the director of Career Services, Anna Velleggia.

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Opportunities to volunteer
Hours indicate time commitment per volunteer session

  • Career advice (resume, cover letter, LinkedIn, mock interviews) – Four-to-eight hours
  • Industry advice (informational interviews, job shadowing) – One-to-five hours
  • Administrative (communication, marketing, Excel) – One-to-three hours
  • Expert speaker (presenter, panelist, host) – Two-to-three hours
  • Employer engagement (post positions, attend career fairs, information sessions) – Time varies
  • Sponsor (career fair, career events) – Time varies


  • Develop relationships with alumni and add value to members of the NC State Alumni Association
  • Provide support and offer more alumni career programs
  • Generate opportunities to engage alumni


  • Participate in career-related events
  • Network with fellow alumni
  • Support the success of other Pack alumni in the workplace

What we’re looking for in volunteers

  • Diversity of thought, experience, personal demographics and professional specialties
  • An established professional with at least five years of experience
  • Provides open and honest communication in a timely manner

Volunteer expectations

  • Provide open, honest and respectful feedback to alumni
  • Complete one-hour volunteer training
  • Fill out a follow-up/feedback survey upon completion of volunteer efforts
  • Follow established guidelines

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